Most of us say we know God, but do we really? Have we allowed our traditions, our fears, even our wounds to cast an image of God that is lifeless or possibly unappealing? Get ready to discover a God who is more wonderful, more affectionate and intimate than you could possibly imagine – a God who has interest in, care, and compassion for you and your situation. If you have a longing for more than just religious routine and ceremony, this book is for you, this site, our books, our blogs, our workshops and seminars are a safe and trusted home for you. This message of authenticity and hope is the real deal. If you have a voice inside that tells you that your life can be so much more, then dare to come on your own journey of “divine discovery”. Dare to be surprised by God!
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God is so much more than you imagine! If you have a longing for more than just religious routine and ceremony, this book is for you. This book is an invitation – I am inviting you to join me on a spiritual journey of discovery. Oh sure, the book reveals for you some of the paths I walked, including the many frustrations I felt, wounds I experienced and mistakes I made. But most importantly this book invites you, maybe even compels you to not give up on God but to seek Him in a new and fresh way. Be open to truly being surprised by magnificent encounters with the divine!
Endorsements “I don’t know anyone who can cut through the fog and see my blind spots more quickly and accurately than Rich Blue. Does that sound threatening? It would except that with surprising vulnerability Rich freely shares his own journey, failures as well as triumphs, and you soon realize you are in the best of company as he runs alongside of you . . . cheering you on.” - David G. Goodman
President Entrust “What I love about Surprised by God is that I was surprised by how raw, authentic, real and poignant it was for my life. I began reading it to review it but it ended up reviewing me! Rich’s book should be read by people seeking God, new in their Christian walk to seasoned veterans.” - Bob Bouwer
Sr. Pastor of Faith Church (RCA)
7 Sites in the Greater Chicagoland Area “Surprised by God is personal, engaging, enjoyable to read, and also profoundly insightful. Rich Blue uses stories from the Bible and from his practice as a Christian therapist to teach how our relationship with God can be authentic and dynamic. If God feels distant, this book will help you encounter God a surprising and genuine way.” - Reverend Brian Roots
Christ United Methodist Church “In Surprised by God Rich Blue articulates the journey all of us are on to become genuinely human as followers of Jesus. The honesty and candidness of his story leaves one saying, "Yes...me too...been there...done that." Rich helps us take off the masks of pretense and self-protective armor of needing to be right and helps us to see that we are "enough" in every situation because Jesus is "enough" in every situation. Thanks for this gift.” - Eric Swanson
Leadership Network
Co-author of The Externally Focused Church and To Transform a City “Rich Blue delivers readers to a spiritual world as personal as it is unique. He is an up-and-coming leader in the puzzling labyrinth of existence both for Christians and non-Christians who hunger for an understanding of their relationship with the universe. Those who are fortunate enough to discover his ingenious book will find a magical power to transform life.” - Qiguang Zhao, Professor Carleton College
Author of Do Nothing and Do Everything: An Illustrated New Taoism “Not only do we have a longing to love and be loved by other people, we also long to love and be loved by God. In Surprised by God, Rich will help you explore and discover that raw, honest, authentic, life-giving relationship with God you deeply - Daryl Merrill
Lead Pastor Christian Life Church
President Christian Life College “In Surprised by God, author Rich Blue “walks the talk” of his faith—deeply, passionately, authentically. Through stories from his own life, his counseling practice with individuals and couples, and scripture Rich illuminates the path for all of us to become “relationship-based” people, alive with emotional connections with ourselves, others, and God. Although this book may speak most directly to Christians, it has a powerful message for people of all spiritual/religious practices: That God desires authentic relationship with us—unfiltered and unashamed, without fear of guilt, sin, or punishment. From admitting fears and embracing doubts to finding purpose and, ultimately, grappling with our faith (a lifelong practice), Surprised by God opens the door to life lived most fully, in deep, alive, challenging, and loving relationship with our Creator.” - Patricia Crisafulli, New York Times Bestselling author of House of Dimon
Founder, www.FaithHopeandFiction.com “Through his personal struggles and the inspiring stories of those he has counseled, Rich helps us feel his growing intimacy with God, drawing us into a deeper heartfelt personal relationship with our authentic selves, our fellow humans and the divine within us - the journey of coming home. “ - Jim Morningstar, PhD “This is a book you cannot put down. It takes you on a spiritual journey which defines your relationship to God and others. The book takes you deep into Rich Blues’ life. He informs you of his youth, his time in the ministry and his work at CLE (Christian Life Enrichment). I am Jewish and this book speaks to all as its premise is universal: seeking the truth in life about faith in God and the reality of our imperfect but ever growing selves. It is a must read.” - David Marc Drew
President of Drew Holdings “Rich Blue has made an indelible impression on the culture of our company. He has led our leaders on the journey towards knowing themselves both emotionally and spiritually. His love and wisdom have facilitated powerful growth and a hunger to know God on a deeper level.” - Marc Malnati
Malnati Organization “Read this book! Rich Blue is one the best men I know and on a true journey of integrity and pursuing a direct relationship with God for the betterment of mankind. This book invites you into a similar journey of your own. Bravo!” - Scott G Stephen
President - Guaranteed Rate Online at Guaranteed Rate “We all dream of a better life but often the personal paths we choose lead to disappointment. Rich Blue uncovers some precious realities that will help you soar in life.” - Pastor Fred Sindorf
Senior Pastor North Shore Assembly of God Church
Founding Member of Rich Blue’s Pastors Group “Rich Blue has remarkably woven stories from the Bible with his own personal journey along with the stories of many of his clients at his Christian therapy practice. With biblical text as the backdrop, Blue encourages others to find spiritual meaning in their lives. He illustrates this by showing that the struggles one has in relationships today are similar to the very struggles of the people in the Bible--no easy task--and that everyone can make the choice to be alive emotionally. As a Jewish American, I find this book to be universal in its message that we are all on a psychological and spiritual journey. Blue reminds us to “look at ourselves as we are: magnificent, beautiful, wonderful, and deserving of love and being loved.” - Elizabeth Shulman, M.A., M.Ed. Diversity Educator and Consultant “No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, Rich Blue, has written a book that will speak to you. Straight-forward and from the heart – Rich, a deeply spiritual man who lives his faith vibrantly, shows us with deeply personal stories, that when our struggles seem more than we can bear, this is where God can do his best work.” - Dr. Nikol (Margiotta) Hopkins, DN, FAARFM “Rich Blue has refreshingly modern insight into Christian faith. To hear him speak is inspiring. To read his writings is eye opening. I feel blessed to know him.” - Eric Masi
TORQUE / President / Executive Creative Director “Rich Blue helped me at a time when I felt very challenged in my faith. I learned to value questions more than answers and found greater richness and authenticity along the way. Rich started me on a journey of embracing the unknown mysteries of life, where real faith is required.” - Michelle Albaugh, PhD
Human Development & Social Policy Program,
School of Education & Social Policy, Northwestern University “Rich Blue has been one of my most important interfaith friends and guides. His perspective of faith, which is a key topic in this book, has been our most intriguing topic of conversation and helped me define mine as a dynamic and ever engaging touchstone. I've enjoyed the nature of discovery and wonder that his perspectives bring which has helped me make practical our common human quest of God as citizens of Earth.” - Munzoor Shaikh
President, Bangladesh6G “Rich has had a significant impact on my personal and professional life! As a Psychologist, Rich has helped transform how I counsel others. He taught me the value of being a truth-teller and how to confront my fears while helping others do the same. In my personal life, Rich showed me how fear--being unwilling to take risks, robs me of the joy and fulfillment that God intends for all of us to experience.” - Gary Gregg
Clinical Psychologist “The Bible is the story of the Human Experience. In Surprised by God, Rich Blue has put that story into current and relevant terms through linking our own experiences back through the ages.” - Dr. Paul Savage MD, Founder of Chicago Integrative Care

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